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The Sea Ranch is a much beloved Evanston institution for many reasons. Not only does this sushi and Thai restaurant serve both types of those cuisines, but there's also a Japanese grocery store on the... premises. Many customers say that this is the best sushi in Evanston.
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18 reviews | 55 orders

The fact that these guys now deliver is a BAD thing for me... it was my major form of exercise having to walk the 1/2 mile to Dempster to get what was the freshest, best sushi in Evanston. These guys started out years ago as a fish shop/Japanese grocery that also would make sushi for you. Then they added a few tables, then a few none sushi items (usually made for stuff also sold in the store), and now seem to have become a sushi joint that also doubles as a grocery. They were the first to have the all you can eat sushi, forcing the competitors to add it. They will also on request make you sushi with brown rice (which for you Weight Watchers points counters = zero point food). --- I know me, the fact that they now deliver means I'll stop exercising.. this is bad


16 reviews | 49 orders

Pretty good.


14 reviews | 94 orders

Sea Ranch has great fresh sushi, yummy udon and a convenient shop to pick up pantry staples like sesame oil, wasabi, ramen or udon noodles (real stuff, not the stuff you find in Jewel) and a very laid back casual dining atmosphere. I love to order on Grub Hub and then just walk the few blocks to pick up; I can always find something in the shop I can use at home.

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518 Dempster St
Evanston IL, 60202
(847) 492-8340